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The Divine Matchmaker - Book


Let’s face it. Trying to find true love can be a precarious endeavor nowadays. If you’re single, you live in dangerous dating country. Often hiding behind a stallion, stud or fox exterior, lurks a cougar, wolf or man-eater. (Watch out. They’ll chew you up.) Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone, versed in the ways of love, helping you avoid Mr. or Miss Wrong so you could find your Mr. or Miss Right? Someone who could coach you in the ways of love and guide you to your ideal match?

God is the ultimate matchmaker! His expertise is grossly under acknowledged today, but is clearly seen throughout Scripture. Those who allow God to divinely orchestrate their love story never regret it. In this book, Joel and Casey not only share practical relationship principles from the Bible, but also share their intimate experience working alongside the Divine Matchmaker. Their explosively romantic—yet, exceptionally pure—love story will make you laugh, cry and reveal just how much God desires to lead you into a match that’s made in heaven!