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Walking like Zombies


Break free from living dead!

Zombies have living bodies, without a soul. In other words, they're physically alive, but spiritually dead. Regrettably, this describes all of us before a major intervention with God. Walking with Zombies will help you break free from living half-dead and teach you how to thrive in the spiritual zombieland in which we now live.

This survival guide will help you detect, fight against, and find freedom from the traps of the Enemy. It will also guide you through seven practical steps to breaking the power of addiction. Joel specifically teaches readers how to break free from the cages of pornography, sexual promiscuity and lust.

Most importantly, these pages will draw you close to our Heavenly Father. This is essential, because without God—willpower is futile. Only God can fully liberate a soul from addiction, breaking them free from “living-dead.”